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Your Checklist Before Filing Patent Registration

One of the compliances that are both advised and necessary to follow before moving forward with a patent registration application is patent search. 

There are some additional guidelines that must be followed to guarantee the invention’s patentability.


When an inventor receives protection for his original creation through a patent, it serves as both a right and a source of motivation. 

The granting of a patent boosts brand recognition and raises the enterprise’s value. However, getting a patent is not a simple process. 

Prior to starting the process of registering a patent, extensive research is required. This blog post can help you comprehend some conditions that must be met before registering a patent in India.

A Complete Checklist To Review Before To Submitting A Patent Registration

1. Verify the originality of the concept

Checking whether the concept or invention is novel and original is the first step before filing for a patent in India. 

The applicant will be able to learn more about the invention’s novelty through the Indian patent search system. 

If the concept or invention is not original, the creator may suffer a sizable loss.

2. Check the invention's market

Sometimes it is more advantageous to protect the state of intellectual property than to merely use patents or another type of IP. 

As an illustration, consider “trade secret” protection, which is frequently used to prevent the reverse engineering of recipes for things like soft drinks and spice blends. 

A qualified agent or lawyer can offer advice on the best type of IP protection

3. A patent application should not be filed before the disclosure of an innovation

The creation information must be safeguarded because, if kept carelessly, it could expose the company to risk and financial loss. 

Making public disclosure after submitting a patent application is advised. 

Documents Required For India Patent Registration


The application process for patents in India is complicated and involves a number of technical steps that the applicants must take. 

The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks has published a manual of practise & procedures that contains detailed instructions on how to submit a patent application. 

Additionally, the applicant has the option of getting in touch with a patent lawyer, who will help ensure that the patent application complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and procedures.