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GST Notices

Respond Promptly to GST Notices with Genuine Filings

GST notices issued by GST authorities are an official way of communicating with taxpayers, reminding them of discrepancies detected in GST filings / returns. You must respond to these notices within the specified timeline to avoid tax demands or any major legal consequences, like penalties or prosecution for willful default. At Genuine Filings, we handle all types of GST notices carefully and ensure complete compliance by analyzing the contents of the GST notice and drafting a comprehensive response addressing each issue raised in the notice in the best possible manner.

GST Refund

Different Types of GST Notices

  • Scrutiny notice: Issued to examine your GST returns and other documents in a detailed manner, ensuring compliance with the GST laws.
  • Demand notice: Issued to determine the taxpayer’s tax liability.
  • Show cause notice: Issued in case where the GST officer is of the view that there is violation of GST law and /or transaction has been reported inaccurately resulting into non-payment or short payment of tax, erroneous issue of refund or wrong availment / utilisation of input tax. 
  • Assessment Order: Issued to specify the final amount of tax liability, including corrections or adjustments, if any made by the tax authorities.
  • Recovery notice: Issued to specify the outstanding amount of tax liability and steps for recovery
  • Notice for personal hearing: Issued to demand additional information or present your case in response to issues or discrepancies identified in the scrutiny or assessment procedures.

Common Grounds to Receive GST Notices

Below, you will find the most common reasons why tax authorities may issue a GST notice:

  • Variances in ITC or Input Tax Credit claims
  • Discrepancies in details of outward tax liabilities.
  • Underpayment or non-payment of GST
  • Inability to file GST for more than six months consecutively
  • Mismatched details in GST and e-way bill portal.
  • Inappropriate GST refund claims

Streamline the Process of Replying to GST Notices with Genuine Filings

Steps to respond to GST notices efficiently are as follows:

  • Reviewing the notice carefully to understand the discrepancy highlighted
  • Collecting all required records, evidence and documents pertaining to the issues raised in the notice
  • Drafting a comprehensive response addressing each issue raised in the notice
  • Attaching all documents supporting your case and filing your reply on the GST portal

So, why wait when you have Genuine Filings to guide you through replying to GST notices? Contact us now for effective replies, ensuring your response is compliant and comprehensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions in GST Notices

Yes, you can always authorize any of our expert chartered accountants to reply to your GST notice on your behalf.