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Income Tax Consultants Services in Delhi

Minimise Your Tax Liability with Income Tax Consultants Services in Delhi

It has become crucial for businesses and individuals to comply with several income tax compliances. Considering the technical nature of this time-bound process, you may require expert assistance in complying with income tax regulations. And that’s where Genuine Filings come into the picture. Adept in offering quality income tax consultants services in Delhi to all our clients, we cover all aspects of Indian income tax laws and regulations. You can minimize your tax liabilities and operate your business efficiently with us.

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What are the Main Features of Income Tax Consultants Services?

Income tax consultants’ services include:

  • Advance tax calculation
  • Tax management and advisory services help reduce and manage tax liability under Indian tax laws.
  • Salary structure designing solutions
  • Employee tax management
  • Income tax and Tax Deducted at Source or TDS returns filing.
  • Transfer pricing and international Taxation
  • Representation before the tax authorities for appeals, assessments, seizure, and search cases.


Professional income tax consultancy services can help calculate the right income tax payable and reduce your tax liabilities. Professional income tax consultants are also adept at accurate and timely ITR filing that renders the following benefits:

  • By filing correct income tax returns on time, an expert can get you a tax refund if you have paid more than the taxes you owe.
  • The professionals ensure you are compliant with the tax laws by filing your ITR in a timely manner. This can further protect you from legal action and penalties.
  • Regular expert-assisted ITR filing improves your creditworthiness, thus increasing the chances of approval for credit cards, loans, and other financial products.
  • The professionals also help facilitate loan applications by ensuring you have the required documents to apply for loans through a timely ITR fling.
  • They help reduce tax liabilities by claiming tax exemptions and deductions that further facilitate tax savings and help with effective financial management.


Backed by a competent team of income tax advisors and chartered accountants in Delhi, we at Genuine Filings closely coordinate with clients and offer tax consultancy services as per their requirements. Contact us today for on-time service execution coupled with specialised tax accounting and law knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CBDT or Central Board of Direct Taxes administers income tax including other direct taxes in India. The CBDT also offers required inputs for direct tax planning and law administration alongside policy framing.