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Partner With Genuine Filings: An End-to-End Accounting Services Company in India

Genuine Filings is an accounting services company in India offering complete accounting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, individuals and start-ups who find it challenging to manage their regular accounting records and keep finances updated. Our collaborative team of experts are highly qualified and well-adept in their work and follow systematic and standardised procedures to meet the client’s exclusive accounting requirements.

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Get Professional Handling of Your Financial Compliances

If you are a small or medium-sized business struggling to manage your business procedures and strategies, Genuine Filings is here with its accounting services. With solutions like bookkeeping, payroll management, registered office address change and tax registrations, we offer critical advantages that help companies make accurate and timely financial decisions, fostering growth in the long run. We are one-stop destination for all business compliances, including financial, taxation and overall company health checks. All our services are safe and secure, guaranteeing client satisfaction to the core. 

Why Genuine Filings?

At Genuine Filings, we provide all-inclusive accounting solutions, including financial statement preparation, bookkeeping, tax planning, payroll processing, tax registrations and registered office address change. Besides this full suite of accounting solutions, we offer:

  • Customised services to meet exclusive business requirements.
  • Tailored financial advisory services to help businesses meet their objectives.
  • We can also help with forecasting, budgeting and financial analysis.
  • With a team that is well-adept in the latest financial compliance requirements and regulations, we ensure your business stays compliant with all relevant standards and rules.
  • The pricing structure for all our services is transparent and competitive.
  • We feature customised service packages to meet the specific requirements of clients. So you pay only for the services you require.
  • We also provide the clients with tax preparation and planning services so you stay organised and gear up for the tax season.


Our experts create portfolios of policies and services that best fit a firm’s requirements. You can depend on us for services like maintaining bank ledger of accounts; allocating account entries; year-end and month-end closing, strategising policies; recording depreciation and receipts, accounts relievable processing; accounts payable processing and cashflow management.


Genuine Filings is a complete accounting solution provider actively involved in offering efficient accounting services to businesses across varied industries. Contact us now to streamline your account procedures without spending much.

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Any individual with a business, from established companies to solopreneurs, can benefit from the expertise of an accounting service provider in India. Freelancers, non-profits and even individuals with complicated finances can simplify their lives with our accounting services.