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Consumer Protection Legal Service in India

Protect Your Rights with ConsumerProtection Legal Service in India

Any individual who uses a service or purchases goods in exchange for a certain amount of money is a consumer. An integral part of a company’s growth, consumers are well-protected by laws contained in the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. Besides protecting consumer interests, these laws also aim to settle consumer disputes, focusing on controlling the standard of products and services and helping consumers make informed decisions.


In this primer, Genuine Filings has set out to offer consumer protection legal service in India helping consumers understand the key provisions related to their rights and duties and the obligations of sellers/manufacturers, e-commerce entities and advertisers operating across India.

Consumer Protection Legal Service

Consumer Protection Legal Service: Who Is It For?

Our consumer protection legal service in India is for varied entities and players, including:

  • Consumers
  • Traders
  • Product manufacturers
  • Product service providers
  • Product sellers
  • Endorsers
  • Advertising agencies
  • eCommerce sellers and other entities

Who is a Consumer and Who is Not a Consumer under the Consumer Protection Act

As per the Consumer Protection Act, anyone who purchases a product or avails or hires a service, either online or offline, in return for a payment, is a consumer. Further, an individual who buys goods or avails or hires services with approval of another individual who has paid for the services or goods, is also considered consumer.


However, those availing goods or services for commercial purposes or for resale are not considered a consumer as per the Consumer Protection Act. Here commercial purpose does not mean using or buying any service or product to make profits through self-employment.

Consumer Rights under the Consumer Protection Act

Major consumer rights under the Consumer Protection Act include:

  • Right to have proper details regarding the potency, quantity, quality, standard, price and purity of products or services.
  • Protection from misleading marketing or advertising of products or services that can be detrimental to property and life.
  • Right to the use of varied products and services at competitive rates
  • Right to seek redressal against a practice that can affect consumer interest or is against fair trade practice.


So, there you are! The consumer protection arena can be complicated for any individual consumer to tread. Hence, seek the services of Genuine Filings that skillfully navigates the complexities of consumer protection laws, ensuring complete adherence. Contact us now to avail all-inclusive and seamless consumer protection advocacy.

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