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Trademark Registration Services in Delhi

Avail Comprehensive Trademark Registration Services in Delhi at Genuine Filings

Genuine Filings offers all-inclusive trademark registration services in Delhi with more than six years of experience in the field. Our experienced team of trademark registration specialists can help you preserve the recognition and goodwill your product or service has earned over the years with their exemplary services. They will help you get a registered mark or logo that can offer your business an exclusive identity, offering you a competitive advantage.

Trademark Registration Services

Our Trademark Registration Process

We follow a simple trademark registration process and ensure scrutiny when registering a logo or mark to avoid objections or rejections from the opposition parties or departments. Our trademark registration fee may vary based on the type of applicant applying for the trademark. With us, you can be assured of following a streamlined trademark registration procedure, including the following steps:

  • Before filing your application for trademark registration, we conduct a thorough search to ensure the proposed trademark is not registered already or pending for registration.
  • Once the search procedure is complete, we file the application for trademark registration online or offline with the right trademark office. We ensure the applicants submit proper documents along with the duly filled-in application form, which includes the applicant’s details, proposed trademark, and the products and services for which the trademark is being sought.
  • We further take steps to maximise the chances of approval of the trademark with no oppositions or rejections being raised against it.


The trademark registration specialists at Genuine Filings are by your side throughout the process that may take 12 to 24 months, based on the complexity of your application and the oppositions filed. Partnering with us ensures an efficient and smooth trademark registration procedure.


Our professional advice and assistance during the trademark registration procedure are crucial for varied reasons. It saves the applicant’s energy and time, giving them confidence that things are proceeding in the right direction. Consult our experts now to avail a plethora of trademark registration services in Delhi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can register a trademark for several products or services within the same category. Nevertheless, ensure that separate applications for each category of products or services are filed.