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GST Departmental Audit

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As per Section 65 of the SGST/CGST Act, tax authorities can conduct GST departmental audit to ensure businesses adhere to the GST regulations religiously. The process involves analysing the taxable individual’s returns, records and other documents to ensure proper and timely tax payment; returns declaration and valid refund and tax credit claims.

GST Departmental Audit Procedure and End-Results

The GST departmental audit procedure involves an authorised/ proper officer or tax commissioner conducting the audit to verify the details of your books of accounts or records. The officer does so with the help of its team of officials who are adept at assessing the GST compliance details of organizations.

Upon GST audit completion, the authorised/ proper officer will inform you about the findings, the obligations, rights and reasons for the given findings within a time span of 30 days in FORM GST ADT-02. If you are at fault, such as possessing a wrongly availed or used ITC, the authorized / proper officer will proceed further according to the process detailed under Section 73 or Section 74 of the GST Act.

Understanding the Reason for GST Departmental Audit and Its Important Pointers

The GST department conducts a GST departmental audit if it suspects that your business is not reporting its GST liability properly or if it is doubtful that your business is not in compliance with the GST regulations and laws. Key pointers of the process include:

  • Prior Notice issued by the AO or Audit Officer in recommended form minimum 15 days before the proposed audit, requesting furnishing details like books of accounts, returns, invoices, agreements and information about taxes paid and returns filed against Professional Tax, Income Tax and other acts.
  • The audit must be conducted in the company location, and registered businesses must produce self-certified copies of all documents requested by the AO.
  • In case there are errors in the documents and the returns have not been filed properly, the AO will calculate proper liability and demand recovery.
  • The AO may also conduct stock verification and premise search.

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Prepare for GST departmental audit by reviewing your GST returns and documents from time to time; organizing your records so they are easily accessible; training employees on GST regulations and ensuring that the overall portfolio of your business in captured and stored in one place.