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Copyright Infringement

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Copyright offers exclusive rights to the copyright holders, including the right to use, reproduce, display or perform copyright-protected work. Conversely, unauthorized use of copyrighted work for profit leads to copyright infringement. Another term for theft or piracy of an original creation is copyright infringement, which is subject to legal proceedings even if you did not infringe or violate anything intentionally.

When is Copyright Infringed?

Copyright is considered to be infringed if:

  • If you import infringed copies of a certain work.
  • If you do an act that only the copyright holder is authorised to do
  • If you sell, distribute, communicate or exhibit copyrighted words without being aware or without a reason to believe that doing so can result in copyright violation.
  • If you reproduce copyrighted work without obtaining the copyright holder’s permission

Different Varieties of Copyright Infringement

The two types of copyright infringement include:

  • The primary or real act of copying copyrighted work, like copying music, art, or computer code and distributing it for profit.
  • Secondary or infringing copyright without copying the protected work.


Nevertheless, sometimes only a part of the copyrighted work is infringed. In that case, the original owner must establish substantial taking or proof that the unauthorized individual has copied substantial part of the work. If the unauthorized person perceives that the work is copied from a varied source, it is considered copyright infringement. In case the writing language, errors and style are same as the copyrighted work, it works as evidence of copyright infringement as per law.

Original copyright holder must prove similarity in their work and that of the infringer to claim primary copyright infringement. However, if it is proved that both the works have been produced using the same source of research, it is not deemed copyright infringement.

Possible penalties for copyright infringement include loss or damage of actual profits made due to copyright infringement. You can protect yourself from such penalties by registering your creative production with the help of an expert who can help you with trademark or copyright registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Copyright Infringement

Fair dealing with copyrighted work for private or public use, including work review or criticism, reporting current events and making copies of computer programs are not considered copyright infringement.