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Don't let financial management hold back your business growth

Partner with Genuine Feelings and gain the financial insights you need to succeed.

An entrepreneur running a growing company needs a strategic partner to oversee and control the company’s finances. 

All of the CFO’s services are offered to you by Genuine Feelings CFO, but the CFO won’t be a full-time employee. Although our CFO may not always be on-site, they are always available if you need them.

We offer a flexible engagement model that allows you to increase or decrease engagement levels, giving you the chance to have the best CFO talent assist you based on your needs, depending on the size and stage of growth of your company.

Your CFO costs will fluctuate and be kept low thanks to this flexible engagement model, but the experience will always be rewarding and memorable.

You can get help from Virtual CFO Services in the following ways

You can use the income statement and financial statements provided by the Virtual CFO Service to determine the value of your financial projections.

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A virtual CFO is an experienced financial professional who provides outsourced CFO services to businesses. Working with a virtual CFO like Genuine Feelings can help you gain valuable financial insights, make informed decisions, and achieve your business goals.


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