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Trademark infringement

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When you know what a trademark is and how it works, it becomes easy to understand trademark infringement. Businesses use trademarks to inform people about the origin, quality, and source of their products and services. Properly trademarked goods and services denote that they do not come from unofficial sources or the competitors of the original producers of the goods and services. Any unauthorized use of a service mark or trademark is considered trademark infringement, confusing the source of the products and services in question.

Trademark infringement is a major crime because it is directly associated with aorganization’s brand value and recognition, which solely depends on the trademark that distinguishes its products and services. Therefore, trademark owners can file a case against the infringer. Conversely, the infringer must respond promptly and properly to the trademark infringement notice to safeguard its place in the market. For all kinds of services and support in handling your trademark infringement cases or notices, consult the experts at Genuine Filings.

The Different Varieties of Trademark Infringements

Businesses take legal action to address major trademark infringements, demanding damages, injunctions, or destruction of the infringed products or services. However, trademark registration, enforcement strategies, and regular monitoring can prevent trademark infringement. We at Genuine Filings help businesses protect their identity and maintain the integrity of their trademarks by providing all the services mentioned above.

The different varieties of trademark infringement include:

  • Direct infringement or a party using a trademark substantially similar or identical to the registered trademark for similar products and services, leading to customer confusion.
  • Contributory infringement is a business facilitating or encouraging others to take on trademark infringement intentionally.
  • Cybersquatting or registering confusingly similar or identical trademarks can divert online traffic and even harm a brand’s reputation, resulting in confusion about a business’s digital identity.
  • Counterfeiting or the production and distribution of trademarked products and services by unauthorized parties


Trademark infringement poses major challenges for businesses looking to protect their identities. Such companies should understand the types of trademark infringement, defenses and penalties to safeguard their place across the market. Contact Genuine Filings’ experts for professional guidance and advice to help you clear your trademark infringement notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions forTrademark Infringement

Injunctions, destruction or closure of infringing mark, monetary damages, exclusion from markets or trade shows, business license revocation and major criminal charges, like imprisonment and fines, are the penalties for trademark infringement.