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Income Tax Refund

Genuine Filings – One-stopsolution to get an Income Tax Refund

The Income tax department employs various methods for tax collection, with one significant approach being Tax Deduction at Source (TDS). This method entails collecting taxes directly from the source of income, such as from the payer of income before the income is received by the payee [for example: deduction of TDS from Salary / Service Income]. Additionally, the Income tax department employs a well-structured mechanism to ensure convenience for taxpayers. This includes online filing and e-verification of Income Tax Returns (ITR).

If you paid too much in taxes and feels that amount deducted is greater than the amount of tax actually payable on the taxable income, then you have a right to get back the amount of tax excess deducted from the Income tax department. Genuine Filings focuses on makingyour tax papersprecise so that you can get as much of a proper refund as possible. Our professionals make sure to process your refund swiftly and smoothly, giving you peace and returning more funds to your wallet. Rely on Genuine Filings for an effortless Income Tax refund journey without any worry.

How to claim your refund?

The initial important action is to submit your income tax returns (ITR) correctly and by the deadline. Genuine Filings’ skilled tax professionalscarefully prepare your ITR with precision, making sure it is complete so you can get the best possible income tax refund.

After you submit your returns electronically, we carefully monitor the process and consistently follow-up with the Income Tax Department for you. We take an active role in making sure that you get your correct refund quickly, avoiding any unwanted holdups or issues. Let us seamlessly handle the entire refund claiming process andIncome Tax assessmentsfor you.

Quick refund processing

We help people, and usually, they get their tax refund betweena week to two months’ time after they submit their returns online. We use methods such as comparison / reconciliation of your income with the information already available with the Income Tax Department and accurate and precise reporting resulting into faster processing of Income Tax Return and quick refund processing.This speeds up verification and refund disbursement. Claim your rightful refund today.

Income tax assessment guidance

Many times, returns are done in the normal way, but sometimes they need extra attention or checking from the Tax Office. No need to worry – Genuine Filings knows a lot about dealing with tax assessments and Income Tax refund.

Types of assessments

  • Normal Assessment under Section 143(1)
  • Scrutiny Assessment under Section 143(3)
  • Best Judgment Assessment under Section 144
  • Income Escaping Assessment under Section 147 / 148
  • Search and Seizures (also known as Income Tax Raids)

Our group of tax professionals and certified accountants will be there for you during each step of the assessment, making sure that you receive a justified result while reducing worry and inconvenience.

Support for appeals

Should it be necessary, we can helpprepare appeals and offer expert representation in front of the appropriate appellate authorities such as the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals), Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, among others.

Why choose Genuine Filings?

  • Extensive tax preparation and experience
  • Served numerous clients across India
  • Team of qualified tax professionals
  • Affordable, transparent pricing
  • Convenience of secure online filing

Avoid mistakes or not meeting deadlines – let Genuine Filings take care of every aspect of your Income Tax assessments with ease and effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In many situations, when all the papers / information / details are correct, you get your income tax refund in a week to twomonths’ time after submitting your returns online. Sometimes it may take longer time depending upon various aspects.